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Hi, I'm 杨毓恺 and I go by Sebastian.

I am currently an undergraduate student at Carnegie Mellon University, majoring in information systems.

It's really nice of you to check out my website. This website is basically a collection of whatever projects I am working on or have worked on. If you just want a quick overview of my work in plain text, please check out my resume.

But if you prefer a more detailed version accompanied by pictures, please feel free to look around.

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My Work

I like to explore the intersection of business and technology.

As an entrepreneur, I have worked on two startups/projects and I have experience in marketing, pitching, event planning, and fundraising.

As a tech student, I am currently working on game design with Unity and C#. And I will shift my focus to XR games next semester. In my free time, I am working on web design (like this one) and data analysis (planning to double major Statics and Machine Learning).

If you are interested, please check out my


My Life

My work is my life.